Car seats

The first mode of transportation for an infant is often the car seat. We do not sell second-hand car seats because insurance companies require that a car seat be undamaged to qualify. If a car seat has been in an accident the damage may not be visible but its integrity is compromised.

If we are selling a car seat you can be sure that it is new and not out of date.


There are many strollers on the market today. Most people who shop at BBK are looking for good quality, inexpensive strollers hence our desire to sell used strollers for a price equivalent to those generally found on other second-hand sites such as Kijiji and Craigslist, Mom-to-Mom sales and Facebook groups.

Carriers (wearing your baby)

There are many baby carriers available which can be as simple as a cotton wrap or as sophisticated as an Ergo 360. We think new parents should try a variety of carriers before deciding which suits both the parents and the baby/babies (there are twin carriers!) so please enquire about trying out carriers before making a decision.

Some common carriers: