We carry Baltic Amber necklaces, a fossilized tree resin that comes in various colours, shapes and finishes (matte and polished). It contains Succinic acid, a natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory. The acid is absorbed through the skin as the amber is warmed by the skin. It is recommended for teething discomfort.

Buncha Farmers is a Canadian company specializing in soaps. We carry their stain remover which removes grass, salt, grease, chocolate, ketchup, milk and more.

Dapper Snappers are a clever idea for those children who will not wear a belt but suffer from droopy drawers. 

Skights were designed by a Toronto mom as an alternative to tights. These thigh high socks with padded knees and heels are ideal for infants and toddlers who suffer from chilly ankles in the cold months in Toronto. They are manufactured in Toronto and come in a variety of colours.

SnowStoppers have a water resistant cover with a water-proof palm and thumb. They also have a sleeve to ensure the mitts will not come off easily. We recommend buying a size a bit large and using a felted woollen mitten underneath for maximum warmth.

We carry black, navy and purple.

Chewellery is another choice for teething babies. You can wear a necklace, have a soother clip or a chewy clip. Lots of colours and styles to choose from. (Pictures are samples only and not necessarily available.)